Bedlam Brewing in Shady Tree

It's been a while since my last blog. You see, I've been in Shady Tree helping Madam Macaroni and the Maestros uncover a fiendish plot by a mysterious man cloaked in black (identity unknown to us at this point in the story), who is trying to steal the old Ball Mansion right out from under their noses. Madam is very disturbed (eyebrow in arched position) because the old mansion had been promised to her by Mr. Phipps from The Land Grab Realty Company for the purpose of housing the new Shady Tree Arts Center! Fortunately for  Madam Macaroni, Gert has come up with a plan to save the mansion, although it involves danger and death! Gert is hoping they can save the mansion in time for the Halloween Dance on Friday night, for which she does not yet have a date! Who would have thought the old Ball Mansion was haunted by Mozart's ghost??????? I promise to keep you posted. For now, I really must return to Shady Tree, as bedlam is brewing and Mortimer (Madam’s finicky, old cat) is looking for his lunch.