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About T. A. Sigafus

T. A. Sigafus grew up in a little yellow house on a rather quiet corner in a small suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota. She was the middle sister — too old for this, and too young for that. Sound familiar? While growing up, her favorite childhood hobbies included making snow angels and soaring down very steep hills on a wooden toboggan. Her favorite hobby of all was writing stories and poetry. She would wander around the house rhyming words and driving her siblings crazy, until one day when they locked her in the closet, where she developed a case of agoraphobia (a fear of large places).

When her sisters finally let her out of the closet, Ms. Sigafus had quite a collection of poetry. She decided to learn to play the guitar and put her poems to music. Ms. Sigafus soon discovered that she loved playing music as much as writing! She started putting on backyard concerts, flinging a large bed sheet over the clothesline for a stage curtain. Before long, she was attracting crowds from as far away as Stenson Boulevard, charging a 5-cent admission fee, which she later used to pay for college.

After college, Ms. Sigafus traveled around the country performing her songs for lots of people. She finally got married and began a family of her own, putting her writing aside for the time being. When Ms. Sigafus finally returned to writing, she couldn’t think of anything to write about. Luckily, that all changed when she received a curious telephone call from the Principal of a local school.

"Will you come and teach music at our school?" the Principal asked.

"Er . . . I guess so," Ms. Sigafus replied. "Do you have any small classrooms?" Ms. Sigafus reported to the principal’s office the very next morning to begin her new job.

She quickly discovered that she loved teaching as much as music and writing! But that’s not the end of the story.She was so inspired by several of her students, that she went home and began writing a series of books called The Maestro Mysteries! Her first book (The Case of Beethoven's Bandit) was published in 2006. Ms. Sigafus is currently working on The Case of Mozart's Deadly Medley, which will be released in the spring of 2014. She is also the author of a children's picture book, The Shadow Monster.

Ms. Sigafus would love to visit your classroom to talk about writing books, providing it isn't too large!
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To inquire about author visits contact tasigafus@gmail.com.