A Letter to a Young Reader

A young reader recently asked me a very curious question. “Why does a writer write books?” After giving this a great deal of thought, I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to answering it.

Dear Emily,

First of all, let me say that even though I know lots of writers (we’re an odd sort and tend to bunch together like bananas), I can only speak for myself. So, to answer your question… I like writing books because sometimes I prefer my imaginary world to the real thing. In my imaginary world there is never any war, hunger, or pain. I can enjoy a rainbow without having to endure the storm. I can go on meandering walks and never worry about getting lost, or about the darkness setting in before I get home. I can spend long, lazy days dangling my feet into babbling brooks and running through green meadows filled with colorful wildflowers. I can dance with the moon and twirl with the stars. (Plus, nobody pays any taxes, and the food is very tasty while containing no calories whatsoever!)

Writing books allows me to travel to places near and far without having to leave the safety of my sunroom (which is where I do all my writing). Throughout my travels, I’ve met the most interesting people, including a quartet of amazing kids who solve mysteries. I’ve encountered shadow monsters, talking teddy bears, and colorful butterflies that wear oversized hats. My characters know all my deepest secrets, but I can always rely on them not to tell. I can trust my imaginary friends to be loyal and loving, although they’ve been known to misbehave at times (which is understandable, as none of us are perfect).

I write books because I’m a bit impatient and not very good at waiting for endings. As the writer, I know the ending to the story before it actually happens. My world of make-believe is warm, fuzzy, and safe. We laugh a lot, the birds are always singing, and the sun is always shining. I am a writer of books because God placed within my heart the love of writing! Writing is a gift I’d love to wrap up and give to everyone!

Some people might think this all very silly. If you don’t, perhaps you are a writer, too! I hope this answers your question.

Happy Reading!