Back From A Journey

It's been a while since I've posted. The reason is because I've been all consumed with my current writing project, Counting Cardinals. Two years ago September, I lost my mother to brain cancer. The book tells the story of our journey. This project has proven more difficult than I ever imagined. There were times when I sat down to write, and found myself sobbing so hard that I had to get up and leave. However, the hundreds of cardinal sightings out my sun room window gave me the strength to carry on! As I near the end of this project, I find that I am a different person. Through the writing of this book, God has helped me to understand and accept the loss of my mother with a full heart. It is my hope that this book will bring comfort to those who find themselves facing such loss. I wrote this book in free verse poetry, which allowed my inner-most thoughts to flow freely . . . I'd like to share the first chapter with my facebook friends. I'll keep you posted as to when the book will be available. I've still got some tweaking to do, but I'm thinking it will be ready by September 2nd, the two year anniversary of my Mother's death.

Chapter One

It was the stillest of all summers.
Not a butterfly in sight.
The birds did not sing.
The maple tree in the front yard
stood tall
and sad
against the empty blue sky.
The lilacs
I remembered from my youth,
once hearty,
looked pale,
frail . . .
like Mom.
And we set out on a journey,
through the stages of death and dying.
It was the summer of sadness.
It was the summer of laughter.
It was the summer that ended in silence.
as we laid Mom
to rest
in the shade of the oak tree,
beside Grandma and Grandpa.
It was the stillest of all summers . . .